See the feast of Toma Belev and a group of environmentalists in Plovdiv

Toma Belev and company have devoted themselves to environmental songs and dances. Toma Belev and a group of environmentalists gave themselves to a noisy joy, lined with plenty of food ... Прочетете още →

Bulgaria – a victim of WWF’s „green racketeers“

In 2012 the then WWF chief Yolanda Kakabadze awarded Toma Belev. Two years later, Kakabadze also handed a prize to the Nepal WWF mercenary Kamal Kunwar, who was involved in murder. The ... Прочетете още →

“Free-riders” with tents protest against the order at the Black Sea Coast

Several organizations from the „environmentalistic“ circle of Toma Belev and company organize today in Sofia a protest against the amendments to the Law on the Structure ... Прочетете още →

Here are the faces of the „spontaneous“ protest – Yulia Berberian, Toma Belev and Peter Kardzhilov

The protest of the mothers was used by Yulia Berberian – convicted for deceptions involving exchange of ruined studios for land in Borisova Garden; Toma Belev – the ecologist famous ... Прочетете още →